"Try before you buy" for the digital age

78% of shoppers want products to be brought to life

Our AI algorithms help your customers determine what products will look like on them

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Click on the colors to see what lip color suits you

Power customer personalization with AI-driven insights

Understand the invaluable diversity of your customers

Make informed business and product decisions based on anonymised customer physical facial features

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Your customers are diverse.

Your models should be too.

44% of consumers say they will likely become a repeat buyer after a personalized experience

Our AI product can generate realistic images of humans to cater to your shopper's preferences

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Deep learning and AI for beauty and fashion

The core of our technology revolves around Machine Learning understanding what it takes for a group of pixels to form a human being. We have designed and trained custom architecture of neural networks optimised for these tasks. Recent researches in academia have enabled the development of a specific kind of generative AI, that we are using, popularly known as Generative Adversarial Network.

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