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Empower Growth with Customer Selfies: Amplify Their Voices

  • Authenticity & Trust: Real customer photos offer genuine proof of product effectiveness.
  • Relatability: Real people with similar transformations help customers relate.
  • Social Proof: Showcase varied transformations for strong social proof.

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Boost your first time shoppers by 3X from visual testimonials.

Ever since AI became a big story, as a beauty brand, we’ve been looking for ways to implement this tech more and more into our business to better serve our community and clients. My team and I found Tangent AI which is a really interesting company all around. I could not believe the number of options available in the quiz feature, how customizable the software is, how amazing the customer service has been, and for less than our current solution. We are thrilled with the change.
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Chase Polan
CEO, Kypris Beauty

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